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Contact: Pr. Gregor Rauw
Institut d'Astroph. et de Géoph.
Université de Liège
Quartier Agora
Allée du 6 août, 19c - Bât. B5c
B-4000 Liège (Sart-Tilman)

For media, public, schools and amateur astronomers

What is a "spectrum" ?


To understand what spectral analysis means, a pedagogical file has been created (in French). This file, which is accessible to everyone, describes a quite unknown facet of sciences called spectroscopy. This technique, which is fundamental in astronomy, physics, and chemistry, enables the determination of the physical properties without being in contact with them (i.e. it is a non-destructive technique). Spectroscopy has also modified our way of seeing the world, e.g. in revealing the existence of unknown elements (helium, rubidium, caesium) or by showing that the Universe is expanding.

The file tackles several aspects of spectroscopy thanks to several activities defined at two levels (1: end of elementary school, 2: end of high school). For instance the secrets of rainbows will be discovered, the hidden side of light will be explored, and one will build a spectrometer, which is the instrument unveiling the light's signatures. These activities make it possible to discover and/or deepen several aspects of the official science program. They are also accessible to all, young and less young, who are curious about the sky.

Note for amateurs

Amateur astronomers, lovers of the sky and of its mysteries, are more and more numerous. Amateur and professional astronomers do collaborate on several occasions and the GAPHE has already participated in this endeavour. The combination of amateur observations with those obtained with our telescope will undoubtedly strengthen the scientific studies. In addition, we will give the opportunity to amateurs to have a "hands on" approach to professional instruments and to better understand astronomy. Once a year a call for ideas will be released to the amateur community: the winning project will see its star observed with el TIGRE.

Next call: end 2018 - see press release.

Information for media

A press file (in French) has been elaborated in 2013 at the time of the announcement of the first results.

A general article presenting the project is also available (in French).

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